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Restoration of monuments

We offer you a complete restoration of architectural monuments (restoration of the full historical appearance of the building — external and internal), and restoration with the device.

Restoration Of buildings and structures

the Full range of restoration works and works on adaptation of a monument of history and culture under modern use which the Restorer company can offer the customers includes:

Carrying out emergency works or works with the structural structure of the building, including the restoration, strengthening, partial or complete replacement of structural elements of the building (foundations, walls, floors, stairs, roofing systems, etc.).

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Restoration of architectural elements

Facade works, including restoration or production of new decorative elements.

Restoration of architectural and stucco decoration includes a complex of works aimed at the restoration and prevention of further destruction of decorative decor and reconstruction of completely lost elements.

Call: +7 (495) 750-37-38

interior Restoration

interior Restoration: complex of works on restoration of stucco decoration, gilding , painting. Reconstruction of complex parquet and stone floors, window and door structures, wood carvings and stained glass.

and roofing work, including work on the device rafter systems and roofing, including work on the device complex, copper openings, safety systems, drainage systems and more.
Works on the device of engineering systems.
Work on the improvement of the territory, etc.

The «Renovator» company has an opportunity to carry out a full complex of restoration works on objects of cultural heritage, including carrying out necessary archival researches, collecting necessary historical and other documentation, preparation and obtaining necessary allowing and legal documentation in bodies of protection of monuments.

Call: +7 (495) 750-37-38

Saving the past for the future

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