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Sanduny Moscow
Restoration work

Operating from 1808 to the present public baths, a monument of architecture in the style of bozar.

Project history

Sandunov baths - the Highest male category

Located in the center of Moscow at the corner of Neglinnaya street and Sandunovsky lane. Architect — Boris Freudenberg. Sandunov baths founded in 1808, are the oldest baths in Moscow and Russia! Historical interiors preserved from 1896 fascinate spirit!

The course of restoration

restoration work

Complex restoration work, the erection of the monument by the removal of the later, distorting the appearance of the layers. During the work, the remains of alfresco painting were discovered, the existence of which no one knew. In the result of restoration work managed to restore the hall's original appearance, colour colour, to restore the gilding.

restoration work stage 2

The restoration of the columns of artificial marble.

restoration work stage 3

The interior as a result of the restoration work has also gained its original appearance. Years layers have been cleared, restored elements of the stucco decoration and shaped rods, returned to the native color of the room and gilding.

2017 year in the course of the work opened the remains of alfresco painting, the existence of which no one knew.

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