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Restoration of the wrought-iron signs
in Sanduny on Neglinnaya

public Russian baths since 1808.

Project history

«Sanduny» — on Neglinnaya.

Despite the durability of forged products, nothing lasts forever. Due to mechanical damage, natural corrosion of the metal or improper care, works created by the method of artistic forging, eventually destroyed. However, if we are talking about cultural and historical values or items that are expensive for the owner, forged products can be restored.

The course of restoration

restoration work

Restoration is carried out on the basis of the properties and characteristics of the material of the product, as well as the methods and methods of processing to which it was subjected in the manufacturing process. As a result of the work the product returned to its functional characteristics and external attractiveness.
In 2018, the facades of the building received a modern design. Above the entrances, wrought-iron products – while preserving the historic appearance. Doorways are equipped with metal products with a simple pattern in the form of the intersection of wide vertical and horizontal rods.

As a result of the restoration, forged products acquired their original appearance, while maintaining the constructive. This made it possible to use signs as modern information signs, as all safety, snow and wind protection standards were met.

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