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Restoration work
of the One-Pillar Chamber

The first stone chamber on the estate was built in 1450.

One-pillar chamber of the Patriarch's Palace. The Kremlin, Moscow

In 2003, the scientific project of restoration of the one-pillar chamber of the middle of the XVII century On the first floor of the Patriarchal Palace and its subsequent museumification began. The project involves the reconstruction of the original appearance of the monument, lost during numerous reconstructions of the XVIII–XX centuries. Biku In 2004 continued restoration and reconstruction of the original appearance of the one-pillar chamber of the mid XVII century.

The course of restoration

restoration work

In the course of the work, the later walls, partitions and porch were dismantled, numerous probes were carried out in the masonry, which allowed us to study this part of the building of the Patriarchal chambers in sufficient detail.
The white stone steps of the staircase were restored from the preserved prints. In ancient toothing in the walls of the stairs installed oak steps and risers. On the middle platform of the stairs the window opening to the Northern facade of the chamber was restored on the preserved traces.

restoration work stage 2

The section of the basement near the southern facade of the chamber was restored, as well as the area of paving on the site of the entrance porch.
In the lower tier of the chambers was restored storeroom, which was used for the furnace, located in the corner of the basement and had originally ceremonial purpose.
From the side of the interior of the chamber in places of significant losses, the facial masonry of the wall was restored.

In September 2005, the restoration of the one-pillar chamber in the Patriarch's Palace and its adaptation to the exhibition hall was completed. On September 29, the exhibition "the wise two", dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the birth of Patriarch Nikon and the 360th anniversary of the ascension to the throne of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, was inaugurated here.
the Restoration introduced into scientific use and returned to active life one of the most valuable monuments, which is a rare example of civil architecture of the middle of the XVII century.
In the days of the 200th anniversary of the «Moscow Kremlin museums» in the chamber the exhibition «Russian emperors and the Armory chamber» opens.

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