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Restoration The exposition in the South annex
of the Archangel Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin

Assumption Cathedral, built by Aristotle Fioravanti, is a unique monument of ancient architecture.

Project history

The necropolis of the Archangel Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin

Archangel Cathedral, Russia's first state necropolis is one of the most original monuments of the Cathedral square.
white Stone Renaissance portals are certainly the most interesting architectural details of the Archangel Cathedral. Unfortunately, they were severely damaged due to high salinity and poor ecology in General.

The course of restoration

restoration work

Restoration work in the southern extension of the Archangel Cathedral began in 2008. Floors, metal stairs and walls built during the Soviet period were dismantled.

restoration work stage 2

During the restoration work in the South-Western part of the chambers, a room was found. Work on the conservation of the site included: enhancing the remnants of the cross vault, the injection wall, the restoration of the remaining Windows, domonoske brick and white stone. In the southern part of the room were carried out work on the completion of brick vaults, injection of walls, selective restoration of floors.

The Moscow Kremlin and Red square form a unique artistic ensemble, a masterpiece of the creative genius of many generations of outstanding artists. Now the world-famous Museum, which is annually visited by more than two million visitors from around the world, is here.

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