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restoration of the main staircase
of the «National» hotel

Moscow hotel, located on Mokhovaya street, 15/1. Built in 1900-1902 by architect Alexander Ivanov.

hotel «National» - the main staircase

The main staircase, made in the art Nouveau style, although it has undergone a large number of repaints in its history, but retained all the elements of the decor in its original form.

The course of restoration

restoration work

Only after removal of all later layers it became possible to estimate all subtlety and care with which all elements of which the ladder consists were executed. After treatment with anti-corrosion composition and soil , the main layer of the coating was made in the technique of "dry brush" , where the main plant elements were gilded and secondary smoothly hidden under a layer of patina.
the Last step was to cover with a layer of protective varnish.

The last step was to cover with a layer of protective varnish. Since the hotel is a place of permanent residence of people all paints and varnishes used in the work have a certificate of environmental and fire safety. The coating technology is made in such a way that allows the operation of the object without the use of special means.

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