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Restoration work
Russian football House

it was opened in 2008 and took under its roof the main football organization of Russia.

The house of football on Taganka

RFS is located in the building at Narodnaya street, 7. Apartment house built in 1912
Complex restoration work on the object of cultural heritage of Federal importance, the company «Renovator» beginning of the facade.

The course of restoration

restoration work

In 2006, work on the restoration of the facade to the beginning of restoration work from the building were two external walls.
Almost all the stucco decoration decorating the facade of the building was lost. Restoration of facade details was carried out according to drawings, archival drawings and photographs.
The remaining elements were strengthened, cleared and restored.

restoration work stage 2

Since 2007, restoration work on the restoration of the capitals of the rotunda were made, the facade half-caps, the Central coat of arms. The historical part of the building was painted in the original colors.

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