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Restoration Mirovarennaya furnace
Patriarch's Palace of the Moscow Kremlin

giant oven mirovareniye, from 1763 to 1917, the only location of this rite in Russia.

Project history

Patriarchal chambers in the Kremlin

Oven for cooking Church oil — Miro, was installed in the house in 1763. In the XIX century it was erected over a carved wooden canopy with hood. The world oven is made in the form of a cross, lined with natural and artificial marble. Inside — three boilers for cooking Miro. In the XIX century a wooden carved gilded canopy on eight columns was installed over the stove.

The course of restoration

restoration work

Restoration work on the identification and conservation of the reasons for the deformation of cracks on the outside of the oven liner of artificial and natural marble. In the course of restoration works not rigid brick bases were strengthened, areas of artificial marble were restored, gluing of stone was made.

Also in this chamber meetings of Church, or Consecrated cathedrals took place, feasts in honor of the Tsar and foreign guests on behalf of the Patriarch were arranged. With the abolition of the Patriarchate in 1721, the Moscow office of the Holy Synod was located here.

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