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Restoration work
The Embassy Of Iceland

The house in which he lived, worked and in 1862 died a famous composer and theatrical figure an. Verstovsky.

Project history

Embassy of Iceland in Russia

Verstovsky house in Khlebny pereulok house 28, one of the few mansions in Moscow, preserved from the mass development of the city after the fire of 1812.It was built in 1815 by the architect A. G. Grigoriev in the Russian Empire style.

The course of restoration

restoration work

Complex restoration work on the facade: in the course of clearing the elements of stucco decoration from the layers, the original coloristic colors of the facade were restored. A large amount of work to restore the losses , the manufacture of lost elements of the capitals, the Central Bay window and profiled trims and cornices of the right wing of the building.

restoration work stage 2

Reconstruction of the top of the Central coat of arms, completely lost. The work was done to strengthen the structural elements of the facade.

restoration work stage 3

At the base of the Central Oriel conducted the manufacture of a brick the base of the semi-columns and grouting of the brickwork of the plinth. The injection was carried out in the arch of the main entrance and in the right wing of the building.

In 2013, the Embassy of Iceland returned to the renovated mansion. Also, the restoration work of the object received the prize "Moscow restoration — 2013».

even more

Scientific work.

Research works are an integral part of the entire restoration process. In the course of which recreated the tops of the Central coat of arms, completely lost earlier.

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