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restoration N. Durasova palace
in the estate Lublin

architectural and artistic ensemble of the late XVIII — early XIX century in the area of Lublin, Moscow

N. Durasova palace in the estate Lublin

Built at the beginning of the XIX century, in the tradition of late classicism, was created for balls and entertainment of the Moscow nobility. Even today it surprises the guests of the estate with the peculiarities of its architectural appearance and artistic decoration of the state rooms.

The course of restoration

restoration work

In 2001 - 2004 restoration works were carried out in the Palace, which contributed to the preservation of the original appearance of the building. In the process of restoration facades, interiors, paintings and stucco architectural details were strengthened and restored. The original appearance was gained by three unique ceremonial halls, the original space-planning structure of the Palace was restored.

Today, visitors can see the Palace as it was 200 years ago. All miraculously preserved buildings of the estate of Lublin are monuments of cultural and historical heritage of Russia. In 2005, the territory of the historical estate, the main manor house-the Palace, and in 2007. and the building of the theater school became part of the Moscow state United Museum-reserve and became the objects of the Museum display.

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