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Priority activity -
Restoration of monuments of architecture & Cultural heritage

Our work is painstaking and careful work with architectural objects that preserve the history of the country.

The story of us

We carry out all kinds of works related to the restoration and restoration of historical and cultural monuments.

LLC "Renovator", ICRF license № 04289.

The leading restoration company, more than 15 years carrying out activity on preservation of objects of cultural heritage (monuments of history and culture), and also construction works on objects of administrative and residential appointment.

The team consists of more than twelve people.
the Company is a member of the non-Profit partnership "Union of restorers of Russia".
«Renovator» has a license of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation for the restoration of cultural heritage.

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recreated elements
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List of objects

The most significant objects for the last 15 years

Hotel «National»

Moscow, Mokhovaya str. 15/1, p. 1.

Restoration of the main staircase of the hotel "national". General contractor: Ltd "Bakaut».


Moscow / Neglinnaya str., 14, p. 4.

Restoration of the Central lobby of the highest male category of the second floor.

Underground chamber

Moscow / The Kremlin

The restoration and adaptation under the Convention center. Gap FGUP tsnrpm Yakovlev D. E.

Cross chamber (krestovaya palata)

Moscow / The Kremlin

The restoration of the object mirovarennaya furnace. Contractor: LLC "Restavrator-M" gap Stepanova E. V.


licenses and certifications

The Restorer company has all necessary licenses of the MK of the Russian Federation for activity in the field of implementation of activity for preservation of objects of cultural heritage.
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